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The"3R's" Workshop is for US!

Finally, a personalized training about YOUR cooperative for YOUR Board!

The "3R's" Workshop is designed to be given in your own Cooperative's Board or Community Room. No more than ten (10) people plus the workshop leader will be present and you will probably know every one of them. All of your Board Members and your key Committee members are invited. The Workshop leader is someone like you, but specially trained in how to present the Workshop. Matters discussed are focused on YOUR Co-op. Everybody present gets an extensive book of workshop materials that you can share with your co-op members and friends later on.

The Price is right! Your Co-op will pay about $1500 for the workshop plus any travel and lodging fees for the trainer. This price beats most any cooperative training currently provided! In CHANE territory, the workshop leader is Kimalee Williams, President of CHANE, a Board Member of the National Association, and Co-chair of its Member Services Committee. Since she is in your area, the costs to travel or lodge (if any) are minimal. However, you have the option to choose from one of seven other great trainers from various areas.

We can make special arrangements if two or three smaller but similar co-ops want to share a "3R" workshop.

If you want to know how and when to set up a "3R's" Workshop in your Co-op Board Room, call Kimalee directly at (860) 528-5000, ext. 101 or Roger Willcox, president emeritus of CHANE and the National Association at (203) 838-5706.

Click here to view the NAHC's brochure "Roles, Risks and Rewards - The Three Rs for Co-op Boards".

Kimalee Williams, President
Cooperative Housing Association of New England (CHANE)
50 Founders Plaza, Suite 200
East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 250-1046

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